Why choose bquick online accounting for small businesses

With cloud accounting software, your business is always in your pocket.


Easy to Use

bquick is very simple and easy to use. bquick online accounting software has all you need to manage your numbers effortlessly. bquick is specially for non-accounting people.

Work From Anywhere

You can access your business anytime, anywhere from any internet connected device like Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone etc.

Affordable and Reliable

bquick provides a secure, reliable and affordable software that help you to change your business. Our cloud infrastructure protects your data 24/7.

Quality & Efficiency

From the beginning bquick accounting team control the quality on 'Zero Defect' approach to ensure product quality meets your need. Beside of Quality, bquick accounting team also ensure the efficiency in both way. Helps you to make more money with less efforts & energy by reducing cost & time which simplify your bookkeeping.

Collaborate With A Financial Expert

Invite our expert accountant to collaborate on your accounts in bquick accounting software. Say goodbye to posting paperwork, save time and expenses.

Help when you need it

Support team always standby in your door if you need any help the support team will provide the advice you need on using bquick accounting software. And online guides, videos, and FAQs are available to help you get moving.

Simple & Dependable Solution
with many useful components

growing your business with bquick accounting


Sales Quote

Easy to prepare & manage quote in minutes using the contact, inventory, price, tax, discount etc. You can generate invoice from the quote to do the job of invoicing in a single click.

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Faster Invoicing

Create custom, professional invoices, sales receipts and estimates that you can send in minutes and keep your cash flow healthy.

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Pay bills

Reduce office admin, pay your bills on time and get an overview of where your business is spending money with bquick online accounting software.

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Purchase Order

Create customized purchase orders to match your business needs, with your brand logo on them. You can generate bill from the order to do the bill recording in a single click.

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Track inventory and manage stock in real time. Help you to find out stock in hand and easily add items into invoices and orders.

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Expense Claim

Easily record, claim and manage all your expenses online. Keep record of all your expenses and payment which help you to calculate revenue at actual.

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Cash/Bank Account

You can enlist all type of cash/bank accounts which you use for business transaction. Cash/Bank Account works and keep records of following activities- (i) Spend Money Transaction, (ii) Receive Money Transaction, (iii) Payments on Invoices, Bills, Expense Claims, (iv) Transfer...

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Contact & Relation

Helps you to keep a list Customers & Suppliers of your business with many facilities more than a address book. You can get complete scenario of business have been done with your Customers & Suppliers to take informed decision and...

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Auto Journal

bquick Accounting emphasized on Double Entry System and use Auto Journal System upon your activity. People, no accounting knowledge, do not need to fear cause bquick Accounting handled most of the cases in Auto Journal System and for remains, accounting...

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Cancel your plan at any time with one month's notice.

** First time setup charge 5000.00 taka for all packages.

** Custom package is available. Please contact with us.

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Rasel Shikder

I have three types of small businesses that are very difficult to manage. With the help of bquick accounting, I can now manage three businesses, even I can save all accounts with an accountant.


Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain

Using bquick accounting software, I can easily manage the business, buy, sell, stock. Now I can take care of business without going to the office.


Md. Aminul Islam

Most simple & easiest online accounting software I have ever used.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains a wealth of information, related to bquick Accounting.

What is bQuick Accounting?

bQuick Accounting is a cloud based accounting software. It is – Easy To Use No Accounting Knowledge Need Affordable And Reliable In Terms Of Security & Pricing Work From Anywhere On Any Device Any Time

What are the system Requirements for bQuick Accounting?

You do not have to install anything at all or upgrade your computer. Simply open your browser and log in and enjoy whenever, wherever.

Which plan is right for me and what is the monthly subscription cost?

We have three (03) types of packages. Select the package according to your business needs, and you can change the package later. Our minimum package price is 1000 taka.


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